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Playhouse 5 - A

Playhouse 5 – A

Creativity abounds with the Playhouse 5’ wooden playset from Woodplay. This square-based swing set offers classic backyard fun and encourages both active and creative play. As one of our best swing sets, this Playhouse model is great for younger kids and smaller yards, but don’t let its size deceive you. With room for five swings, two climbers, two slides, and plenty of accessories, this playset grows with your kids for long-lasting fun.

• Picnic Table in the square base easily converts to a sandbox, stage, fort, and more, so kids can draw, dance, build and pretend
• Classic 10-foot Wave Slide
• Two high-flying Belt Swings
• Trapeze bar with handles for budding acrobats
• Knotted Rope with Disc swing to practice climbing and balance
• Rock Wall and Step Ladder provide two ways to get up the deck


Regular Price
Sale Price
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$399 (local area)


Regular Price
Sale Price
Install Price
$199 (local area)

Playhouse 5 – A


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