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Vuly Thunder-Pro Large

Vuly Thunder Pro Large

UV-resistant and UV-protective Polyethylene netting makes Thunder’s taut safety enclosure more trustworthy and durable than any competitor.

With tubing and Leaf Springs that are double galvanized on the inside and out, Thunder’s strong, dual-ringed frame is both weather and rust-resistant.

Leaf Springs
The Leaf Springs on Thunder are half as long as those on Thunder Pro, with a bounce to match and that same distinctive edge. It’s always safe to land on. Based on heavy-duty suspension systems, Leaf Spring don’t twist and strain knees like coils or rods can. They provide a perfectly upright bounce every time.

Weight Rating
There’s not a single trampoline in the world without coil springs that can match Thunder’s certified weight capacity of 330 lbs.

Sale Price
See associate for details
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