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Ledge Lounger Chaise Lounge

Ledge Lounger Chaise Lounge

Our Chaise provide a contoured, comfortable place to relax on your tanning ledge or Baja shelf. Made from durable and color-stabilized material, these elegant loungers deliver sleek style in a weather-resistant form. If your ledge has up to 9 inches of water, we recommend the Chaise. If you have a deeper ledge with 10 to 15 inches of water, opt for the Chaise Deep. While they’re different sizes, both are equally easy to set up. Simply submerge them into your pool to let them fill with water, and pull them onto the ledge — two quick steps for an indulgent sunbathing experience. Make a day at the pool something to celebrate with the Chaise Lounger.

Ledge Lounger Chaise Lounge


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