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World Art Day: Art-Inspired Displays

We’re used to seeing art inside our homes, hanging on the wall or set on a shelf. Art used for interior décor is nothing new. This World Art Day, April 15th, we want you to think about bringing art-inspired pieces out into the natural world – outside. It doesn’t have to be in a gallery or made by a famous artist. That’s the nice thing about art, its beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

We’ve got some great suggestions for you to get started on your own alfresco art gallery and embrace World Art Day with some art of your own.

Fire Pits
Fire pits don’t have to be a big black bowl sitting in your yard. Fire pits can adapt to any space and can be as beautiful as a work of art even before it’s lit. They can look great and act as an instant draw for the eye, especially during social gatherings.  If you’re limited on space, tabletop fire pits provide the glowing warmth of traditional fire pits in a smart, space-saving design.

There are numerous designs available to suit whatever style you prefer, including sunken fire pits, hanging ones, and portable ones. Step into one of our 3-locations near you to find one you like and build a space around it. You will not be disappointed.

Water Feature
A water feature is a great way to add some Zen to your backyard. The gentle sounds of water flowing over stone or wood have soothed humans for centuries. Fountains can be as intricate or as minimal as you like. They refreshingly require little maintenance once installed. A birdbath is another way to bring your backyard to life. If you have the space, a small pond can create some beautiful contrast to your surrounding landscape.

Consider adding a pergola to create an outdoor room. It can be attached to the home or be freestanding. The open or slatted roof provides some shade without completely closing off the sky. You’ll be able to enjoy the evening sky, and they can be large enough to fit a dining set underneath. Add some with lights and candles, and you have a picturesque evening.

Any way you look at it, it doesn’t have to be “art” to be art. As long as it brings you joy, then you’re probably doing it right!

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