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Spring Into a Backyard Makeover

Backyard Makeover

Spring is finally here, and nature is in full swing! We’re airing out the house and doing the annual spring cleaning, but one area that’s often overlooked in this rejuvenation process is your backyard. Now is the perfect time to take design outside and spruce up or even create your outdoor room.

Consider giving your outdoor living space a seasonal refresh with high-energy accents, lush greenery, and a fresh dose of happy hues. Start with adding seasonal plants and flowers on the border of your space in order to blend the line between nature and your home.

With so many rug options these days, it’s difficult to tell the difference between indoor and outdoor rugs. Thanks to durable materials, like polypropylene and acrylic, today’s rugs are designed for both interior and exterior spaces. If you’re looking for a durable rug to keep indoors, consider indoor-outdoor options; they’re stain-resistant, mold-resistant and easy to clean.

Outdoor draperies offer the quickest and most effective way to add color to your patio or porch. Look for drapes made from wrinkle-free materials, such as acrylic, nylon or polyester. When harsh weather hits, they’ll continue to look fresh.

If your space is lacking space, an easy trick to open it up is to accentuate height. Think long drapery panels, hanging plants, and up lighting.

For years, outdoor throw pillows could rarely be found outside of matching furniture sets. Today, there are endless options that work with virtually any color scheme.

Add life to your covered porch or patio — without sacrificing valuable square footage — with low-maintenance, hanging plants. Ferns are a great way to add a layer of privacy and infuse color to the space.

During mild seasons, add a burst of color to your outdoor tabletop surfaces with fresh-cut floral arrangements. Cut the stems at an angle under running water every other day and change out the water daily to extend the life of your flowers by one to two weeks.

To make your patio truly party-ready, add a wall-mounted wine rack made from a basic wood shipping pallet. Fill your rustic wine holder with your favorite bottles and glassware just before guests arrive. (Or keep it stocked up daily.)

It doesn’t take much effort to give your front porch a spring face lift, too. A quick top-to-bottom pressure-wash will eliminate pollen and spider webs that have accumulated during the winter. And a fresh coat of paint on wooden surfaces will brighten the space. Give the surrounding landscape a trim and lay down fresh mulch for a finishing touch that will make your porch pop.

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