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Relaxation Day

Relaxation Day

Relaxation Day is the day to kick up your feet and do nothing but enjoy yourself.

With the always on, go-go-go lifestyle many of us lead, there never seems to be time to just unwind. And I’m not talking about relaxing after dinner or a long day’s work; I’m talking about waking up with a clear calendar, phone face down, lounging by the pool all day kind of unwinding. More of a spiritual celebration of the self than your run-of-the-mill downtime.

The key for a successful Relaxation Day is to avoid anything that causes you stress. For example, if golf is your favorite pastime, yet you get a little stressed when playing, then make plans to play golf another day. Spending the day reading in a hammock is a much more appropriate activity for Relaxation Day.

If you need to create a relax-only space in your backyard, we’ve got some suggestions that will help you design the perfect escape.

Clear the Clutter
It’s hard to relax when your eye keeps getting drawn to unfinished tasks, overgrown trees and hedges, or toys scattered about. By clearing out unused items, broken furniture, old play equipment, etc., you can start with a clean slate and build the perfect fortress of bliss.

Embrace the View
If you’re fortunate enough to have a view, don’t be shy about highlighting it. Be sure to frame the view with landscaping and furnishings, but don’t block it.

Water Feature
The perfect water feature in a yard is a private swimming pool, which cools you off, and allows you to exercise or float within the privacy of your own yard. Even the sight and sound of water has a calming, restorative effect. If your budget or space does not permit, consider these other water features: Garden pond, Koi Pond, Birdbath, Fountain.

Get Comfortable
The right furniture can make all the difference. Seating is one thing, but a deep-seating sectional, lounge chairs, or chaise lounges allow you to fully immerse yourself in comfort. If the seating is comfortable, you’re more likely to kick back and spend some time outside, rather than sit down, say, at a patio dining table, eat a grilled burger, and then go back inside.

The Skyline Sparta Lounge will create a secluded VIP experience in any setting. The Sparta Lounge stands out with a pair of overarching woven panels in a patented “Black Mushroom” or “Kubu Mushroom” on all weather wicker, rising behind fresh white seating angled inward. This casual-cool set-up creates the perfect setting for private relaxation and intimate conversation.

The Lloyd Flanders Largo Day Bed provides a plush canvas for you to paint your lazy day as you see fit. The five-piece daybed can be separated to create several seating options or keep them together as a sprawling daybed for you to spread out with enough books and snacks to keep you planted for the entire day.

Homecrest Allure features sumptuous, all-weather cushions, generously proportioned seating and clean, modern lines in a chic profile, allowing you to spend Relaxation Day in style, no matter where you are.

In the end, Relaxation Day is all about you, so spend it however you want. If it feels a bit secretive and naughty, you’re probably doing it right!

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