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How To Protect Your Outdoor Furniture From Your Pets

Protect Furniture From Pets

Outdoor furniture is inherently tough. It has to stand up to everything Mother Nature throws at it and still be beautiful and comfortable. But there’s one threat that can expose your furniture to lasting damage, and it comes from your best friends – your pets.

Pet-proofing your furniture will not only keep it cleaner and available for use by humans, but it will also help your furniture last longer. Below are some ideas to help protect your outdoor furniture from your pets.

If your dog is a chewer, leaving them outside while you’re gone is a recipe for disaster. Dogs tend to chew when they’re bored or anxious, and both can occur while you’re gone. The same applies to cat scratching. So, if you do leave them outside while you’re away from home, you might want to consider spraying your furniture with scents that deter pets from engaging with those items.

Citrus is a great way to deter pets from destructive behavior. Use concentrated lemon juice as a first choice as it is very bitter and has a strong odor. It is also safe on most surfaces.

Cayenne pepper mixed with water is another excellent deterrent. Spray it on chair legs or other areas where your pets interact.

Spraying surfaces with vinegar also works well. Any type of vinegar will work, but white vinegar is probably the most bitter and does not have any color, which might stain certain surfaces.

If you find yourself frantically trying to remove pet hair from your outdoor furniture before your guests arrive, you’ll need to keep them from lounging on your outdoor furniture. You can use the squirt bottle for both cats and dogs and make them get down every time you see them on the furniture to create a new pattern of behavior. You can try the trick of placing tape, sticky side up, or aluminum foil on the furniture when it’s not in use to deter your pets from jumping up. They won’t like the tape sticking to their paws or the noise the foil makes. Or fill the seat with anything heavy and bulky, so they don’t have any room to sit.

You could also consider investing in metal furniture as it’s chew and scratch proof once you remove the cushions. If you already have all of your furniture, slipcovers or old sheets can be used to keep hair from accumulating in the fabrics and can be quickly removed for company and tossed in the washer when necessary.

The great outdoors may be home to the animal kingdom, but only the king of the jungle should be allowed to lounge on furniture!

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