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Plan The Ultimate Pool Bash

Led Cubes For Poolside

If you’ve got a pool, then you’ve got a party! A summer pool party is one of the best ways to beat the heat and enjoy time with friends and family. You can even expand your group and share the fun with a pool party for classmates, coworkers or neighbors! Whether it’s an end of school celebration for the kids, or a mid-summer lounge with friends, a holiday weekend, or even an end of summer bash, a pool party is on the top of everyone’s list of great summer fun. We’ve compiled some important tips to help make your party a serious splash with your guests!

Schedule a Maintenance Visit
If it’s the first time you’ve used your pool this season, be sure and plan ahead. The last thing anyone wants is to swim in a dirty pool. Contact a local pool maintenance company to schedule a time for a technician to open your pool for the season. You can certainly take care of the opening tasks on your own, but these jobs can be time-consuming. Remember, too, that the cleanliness of your pool’s water depends on a delicate chemical balance. Sometimes it’s best to let a pro take the reins. Once the pool is sparkling clean and ready for fun, the only ongoing maintenance tasks will be cleaning the filter, vacuuming the pool weekly to remove leaves and other debris, and checking the water’s chemical balance every day.

Choose a theme: Hawaiian Luau. Surf’s Up. Inflatable Fun. There are all kinds of fun products on the market to deck out your swimming pool in a chosen theme or style. The best rule of thumb here is… whatever floats your boat! Have fun with it!

Invitations: Set the stage for your pool party by sending invitations that highlight your theme. There are a lot of online options to create your own invitations. Also, be sure to include anything that your guests need to bring – sunscreen, beach towel, covered dish or snack, drinks, etc.

Decorations: Once you’ve picked your theme, try choosing party decorations and accessories in one or two of your favorite bright colors—this will help everything look effortlessly pulled together.

If your party is an evening affair there are tons of fun ways to light up the night to keep the party going and everyone safe. Outside in Style has a great collection of outdoor accessories that you’ll love. Like these large LED balls that are perfect for floating in the pool. The LED cubes work perfectly as end tables or even just scattered strategically around the yard.

Remember – The most important part of any party is to have fun!

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