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Plan The Perfect Outdoor Memorial Day Party

Burger At Memorial Day Party

Memorial Day weekend needs you to do one thing – have fun. Whether you’re hosting a BBQ, going to the lake, or just hanging out by the pool, this is a time for outdoor fun with friends and family. Make the most of your time off by planning ahead for optimal holiday good times. There are plenty of locations, themes, and party ideas to explore. It’s one of the best times to get outside and celebrate in your own backyard. We’ve compiled a list of ways to ensure your festivities are flawless and fun.

Memorial Day themed invitations are a great way to let your guests know what you’re up to. The style of your invite helps set the mood for what kind of party you’ll be throwing. When you prepare the Memorial Day invitation wording, have fun with it and make up a rhyme or include an ‘inside joke’ – feel free to be creative!

A great entrance to any event starts when people walk up to your door! Why not greet them with a personalized Memorial Day banner? Over the doorway, or in your windows, you may want to put some flag bunting to set the mood. This bunting is also great on dais tables. If you really want to make your home a centerpiece for the flag you might want to consider a lighted patriotic flag.

Instead of opting for the traditional red, white, and blue table cloth or a checkered one, considering using bandanas as a table runner. Best of all, this idea requires no sewing, no prep, no nothing except a handful of red, white, and/or blue bandanas and a table to lay them down on.
Paired with holiday-hued fresh flowers or even as a flag stand, blue glass is vibrant enough to make itself known and a rare form of cheerfully dark blue that’s perfect for many occasions.
Don’t forget the flags. Flags of every size. Flags everywhere!

Now that you’ve got a décor in mind it’s time to think of what to do with your guests!

Craft Beer Tasting
Craft beer has a strong following and is often a standout star on its own at parties. If you are a craft beer enthusiast, Memorial Day is a great time to do a tasting with guests. Showcase a selection of summer brews, fruit beers or session ales for your friends to sample.

Hot Dog Bar
Grill up some quality dogs and let your guests choose from an array of toppings. An extravagant hot dog bar is a fun way to turn an average party in to a memorable Memorial Day party.

Slider Yourself
If you’re not a hot dog fan but love a good burger, a slider party is a great way to up the fun. Not only are these mini burgers totally adorable, you can offer guests a few different options to choose from like bacon-and-cheese stuffed burgers or spicy jalapeño sliders. Plus, serving a fraction of a burger means you’ll have plenty of room for dessert!

Your Bring It, We Grill It
Buying all the ingredients for a party can add up quickly. Besides out of pocket costs, it takes up your time as well. So, if you’re short on time or funds, try a You Bring It, We Grill It kind of potluck. Every guest brings a favorite food item for grilling to share and one person mans the grill. This way you’ve got a selection of foods sure to please everyone.

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