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Outdoor Gift Ideas For Father’s Day

Father's Day Backyard Gift Ideas

Our fathers gave up so much when we came into their world. Just think, the man you call dad could be washing and waxing his 1969 Camaro SS while blaring Credence Clearwater Revival and wondering if he should trim his mullet or just let it grow. You never met this man, but he’s still there, buried under time and stern looks from your mother. So, this Father’s Day it’s time to give back to the man who gave up everything for you.

It is their day to be spoiled, so why give Dad another tie or “World’s Greatest Dad” mug when he deserves so much more? Forget about the traditional and outdated gifts this year and really make a statement to show how much you love and appreciate Dad on Father’s Day. Check out these great outdoor gift ideas for dads of all ages.

Remember when he used to yell at you to clean your room? Well, in that case, a compact pressure washer might be the perfect gift. He can turn the driveway into a brand new looking driveway. He won’t need to paint the house as a pressure washer can have his home looking bright in no time. Decks and pool areas can get an instant facelift and washing his car will take half the time it used to take.

Does your dad enjoy reading Tom Clancy novels in his favorite recliner? Well, forget about giving him a new recliner and get him reading in the backyard instead in his very own lounge chair. The Lloyd Flanders Largo Seating offers a place where he can kick up his feet, relax with a book and enjoy “Dad time” as he sinks into the deep, cushiony seating for all-day comfort.

Does your dad like taking naps and enjoying the chirping birds in the backyard? A hammock is the ultimate place to take a nap or to enjoy some good ole R&R. Imagine him kicking back after a long day in a Hatteras Hammocks tufted Canvas Iris hammock. This is the piece of outdoor furniture that dads dream about…or on.

Does your dad enjoy the smooth taste of a cigar in the evening? Or does he prefer to relax outside and ponder the stars before he heads in for the night? Give Dad the ultimate nighttime escape with one of our sophisticated fire pits. Outside in Style carries a beautiful collection of fire pits, sure to please any dad. They all feature durable construction and reliable ignition; two qualities that Dad exhibits himself!

These outdoor gift ideas for Dad will make this year’s Father’s Day memorable and the outdoor furniture pieces will be something he can enjoy for a lifetime. We have the best selection of furniture for your backyard, so you can find the perfect gift for the special man in your life that you get to call Dad. At Outside in Style, we welcome the opportunity to help you create the outdoor escape your father has always dreamed of.

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