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Outdoor Furniture Spring Trends For 2019

Spring Outdoor Furniture Trends

Spring is here and with it comes a return to the great outdoors! The new season brings new trends to keep in mind for your outdoor living areas. We’ve put together five of the top outdoor decorating trends to refresh your outdoor oasis.

Update Your Color Palette
An easy and affordable way to give your patio a whole new look is to switch up your cushions, throw pillows and blankets. Pantone’s color of the year is Living Coral. This soft yet vibrant hue will help energize any outdoor area.

Go Green
Tropical plants do wonders to liven up any environment, inside or out. A single Monstera leaf in a decorative or simple vase can add style your outdoor area. A living wall is another fabulous way to revitalize your surroundings. If tending to plants isn’t your thing, you can always incorporate throw pillows with tropical prints.

Your outdoor accessories should be versatile enough to move from area to area and still maintain their functionality. Consider nesting tables instead of a coffee table and split them apart to use them with another piece of furniture. Stacking cubes are also a great way to get more out of less. Alone they make a stylish end table, bunched together you can create a cocktail table, and stacked you’ve got a handy towel rack.

If entertaining is your thing, consider replacing your old grill with an outdoor kitchen, incorporate cabanas, or upgrade those ice chests into an outdoor bar. For those wanting more than a basic sitting area, consider mixing it up a bit. Maximize your outdoor space with hanging daybeds in lounging areas for a luxury resort look and feel.

Higher quality outdoor furniture undergoes rigorous testing and is designed to withstand the elements. So, if you find something you like that is versatile enough to adapt to changing trends, spend the money to get a quality-built product. Since Central Texas is prone to hot summers and intense sun, it’s wise to invest in durable woven fabrics meant for the outdoors. Most fabrics will fade much faster, and you will need to replace them year after year.

The best thing you can do for your outdoor space is to enjoy it however you like. After all, isn’t that the point?

Happy Spring, y’all!

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