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Outdoor Entertaining for Easter

Outdoor Easter Eggs For Entertaining

With spring in full swing, there’s no better time to get outside to enjoy the warm Texas weather. If you need an excuse, there’s always Easter!

Spend our first warm-weather holiday with family and friends in your yard with Easter decorations and a spread of delicious food. If you aren’t exactly sure how to pull it off, we’ve got you covered with tips on everything from tablescapes to lighting, and even a delicious cocktail!

Incorporate some cheery Easter colors like pastels and pink coral to your tablescape. Seasonal flowers can complement your decor and are a lovely way to add a touch of nature. Floating flowers are a simple and creative way to make an exceptional centerpiece. Simply cut the stems off each flower, we suggest peonies and gardenias, and place them in a large serving tray filled with water.

When it comes to feeding everyone, especially if you’re doing it yourself, keep it simple with outdoor staples like burgers, BBQ, and grilled vegetables. If you have potluck-kind-of-friends, plan ahead so everyone knows what they’re bringing. There’s nothing worse than a table full of similar appetizers and no meal.

Keep your dips and the like cool by placing your dip bowls in a large bowl filled with a salt-sprinkled ice. You’ll also want to have some soggy-proof snacks like seasoned almonds, available for when guests arrive and throughout the rest of your party.

You’ll want to define your outdoor room with lighting and an umbrella for shade. String lights to add some twinkle when the sun goes down. If you’re not into string lights, candles and well-placed spotlights will also work. Defining your dining area helps folks know where to sit and avoid the awkward hands-full-trying-to-eat moment. It also lets kids, if there are any, know which areas are off-limits for running around. Same holds true with a fire pit for relaxing and chatting after the meal.

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