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National Eat Outside Day: Some of Our Favorite Dining Tables

Eat Outside Day

Did you know that picnics began as meal breaks for our ancestors during hunting trips? Humans have been eating outside longer than we’ve been dining inside. Nowadays, eating outside tends to be more of a special occasion than anything else. That’s why National Eat Outside Day is a great opportunity to get back to your roots – both literally and figuratively.

At Outside in Style, we take outdoor dining to the next level with beautiful, high-quality dining sets that will be a focal point of your yard, not an eyesore you only bring out for guests.

Take a look at some of our favorites and picture how they’d work in your backyard.

Gloster Carver
With a clean, teak top and modern aluminum frame, the Carver table from Gloster is both elegant and functional. Carver outdoor dining tables are part of Gloster’s avant-garde style, using cutting-edge design, new techniques and innovative material to create furniture for the modern era. These gorgeous tables are offered in three different lengths ranging from 35 to 110 inches and seating from 4 to 10 people.

OW Lee Bellini Dining
Vincenzo Bellini was a renowned 19th century Italian opera composer famous for his long, flowing melodies. The Bellini collection strives to recreate this in the majestic flowing lines of a whimsical Italian-style wrought iron. This large patio dining set features an elegant hand-forged wrought iron frame inspired by Italian style. The set includes a variety of seating options with benches, arm chairs, and armless chairs around the porcelain tile expanding table.

Jensen Leisure Topaz
A strikingly beautiful timber, Jensen Ipé weathers with strength and elegance. Ipé is incredibly strong and dense, with very high-wear durability. A handsome chocolate brown when new, the sun gracefully transforms Ipé to a mature, elegant silver patina. The Topaz collection offers a clean and contemporary array of dining, deep-seating, and accent pieces to enhance an expansive outdoor room or even a compact balcony.

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