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How To Create Your Outdoor Living Room

Outdoor Living Room

With an average of 274 days a year over 70 degrees, Central Texas is an outdoor lover’s dream. So why not make the most out of your living space by creating one outside? An outdoor living room perfectly entertains guests, and it can also be a tranquil escape when you want some peace and quiet.

We’ve put together some things to keep in mind when creating your outdoor living room to ensure it functions as a blessing and not a curse.

Placing your outdoor room adjacent to, or close to, your home allows you convenient access to service friendly areas like the kitchen, the coat closet or the bathroom. Being close to a door makes any of these things a quick and simple process versus a major relocation effort.

If your interior living room had bumps and sloped to one side, you wouldn’t be a fan. The same goes for your outdoor living room. Your outdoor floor should feel solid, level and secure. If necessary, you’ll want to have your selected area cleared of any grass or weeds and tamped down with a roller until it’s level. You may want to add a layer of landscape fabric to prevent new growth underfoot.

Once done, it’s time for flooring. Natural materials blend well with most landscapes and can hold up to the elements. Patio pavers, gravel or a deck are some great options.

Now it’s time to plan the layout. If your outdoor room doesn’t share a wall with your home, it can feel overexposed. A full wall isn’t always necessary either, a retaining wall can do wonders for closing off a space without losing your view. A wall of plants will incorporate more nature to your personal oasis while adding privacy. Use up to four posts sunk into the ground to run a wire or rope from post to post to hang plants and lights any way you’d like. You can always go further and add a roof or slats to add some shade.

If you’ve gone this far, the last thing you want to do is throw in some cheap and uncomfortable outdoor furniture. If you wouldn’t put it inside, don’t put it outside. The purpose of outdoor furniture is to lounge and relax on it. Make sure you actually sit in and experience anything you plan to purchase. Lounge groups and outdoor sofas are wonderful starting points that can be enhanced with décor and accessories. An outdoor dining table is another great way to expand your home and bring the everyday outside.

Not near an outlet? Not to worry, solar lighting has come a long way and dropped a lot in price over the years. A well-placed spot light can do wonders for ambiance. A fire pit is another great way to light and invite. If you think you don’t have space for a large fire pit, there are many tabletop models that work just as well and take up a fraction of the space.

Aim for a seamless transition from inside to out and, of course, to enjoy it.

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