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How to Build a Peaceful Outdoor Living Space

Create A Peaceful Outdoor Living Space

Whether you’re in the garden or on the patio, your outdoor living space should be a place of peace and beauty. In fact, you can apply feng shui to your outdoor living space to maximize breathing room and flow, which are essential to good chi.

Feng shui is thought to be the art of placement. By understanding how the placement of yourself and objects within a space affects your life, you can arrange or alter these items to enhance your environment. Below we’ll show you a few ways to improve the feng shui of your outdoor living area.

Tap Into the Elements
Feng shui traditionally consists of the five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. For your yard or garden, you’ll want to focus on water, earth, and wood. Water is considered a symbol of wealth, and can be integrated into your space as a pond or waterfall. A waterfall is particularly welcoming as it signifies a continual replenishment. Help ward off negative energy with a stone wall barrier around your space. The wood element is present in all things botanical, including landscaped flowers and greenery. You can also build a natural tree fence to provide protection from noise, wind, and pollutants.

When planning where to plant flowers and trees, use the compass directions to guide your layout. The principles of feng shui place water in the north corner of your space. The east and southeast corners are also strong places since wood is nourished by water.

Gently curved pathways and borders are critically important in your outdoor space as straight lines are not typically present in nature. Your boundaries should flow with the natural scape of your yard. Natural fencing is a great way to accomplish this, but if you don’t want to remove an existing fence, try decorating it with living green plants and flowers.

Wind chimes are a small piece of feng shui that can make a huge difference in the energy of the space. Chimes are said to produce a healing energy if placed in the zone that corresponds to their material. Bamboo chimes can reduce stress and neutralize negativity in an area. Metal chimes promote luck for your children when placed in the west. When placed in the east, they’ll bring you career opportunities.

Indulge in the blissful beauty of your calm and newly arranged outdoor living space on Garden Meditation Day, May 3rd. Participating is easy – pick one task to accomplish in the garden with the idea of spending “x” amount of time on that task. Leave your phone inside and focus only on the task at hand. When other things pop into your head, thank your mind for bringing them to your attention and put them off until after. The key is to gently return your focus to your work every time you get distracted. When your time is up, take a moment to bask in the satisfaction of what you’ve accomplished before returning to the world refreshed and centered.

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