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Go Green In 2018 With Outdoor Furniture

Go Green With Furniture Seaside Madirondack Chairs

“Going green” has become the latest buzzword to inspire change in our everyday lives. From our shopping bags, to the cars we drive to the patio furniture we purchase, more and more people are taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint.

While most of us may not consider the environmental effects that our patio furniture purchase may have, the production of certain types of outdoor products can produce an excess of the carbon dioxide gases that could eventually have a harmful impact on the environment. The introduction of “green” patio furniture on the market by environmentally conscious outdoor furniture manufacturers has made it easier than ever to purchase “green furniture” products, which includes patio furniture made from sustainable or reclaimed woods and any furniture made from recycled materials.

Recycled Materials

Part of what makes outdoor furniture sustainable is its sturdiness—its ability to last for years without requiring replacement. Another green factor is the materials from which the furniture is made. Fortunately for consumers, there is a wide variety of outdoor furniture available that has a strong green materials story. A large percentage of that furniture is made from recycled plastic—primarily high-density polyethylene (HDPE) from recycled milk jugs and other containers.

Outside in Style is proud to carry Seaside Casual furniture and supports their commitment to putting our planet first. Seaside Casual furniture is made from Envirowood, an all-weather marine grade recycled HDPE polymer – the kind found in milk jugs. Their furniture is essentially a maintenance-free product. Their HDPE material is non-porous and resistant to moisture, fading, insects, splinting, warping and other hazards of environmental exposure common to wood and wood fiber composite products.

Sustainable Wood

Sustainable wood furniture provides a guilt free, eco-friendly alternative to ordinary, mass produced furniture made from metal or plastics. Each tree is different, so each piece of sustainable wood furniture is totally unique, and you can showcase the colors and shapes found in the natural world in your home. Teak, Monkey Pod, and Mango wood are all fast-growing woods that are quick to replenish themselves, so their use is highly sustainable and eco-friendly.

The real benefit of sustainable wood furniture, however, is of course its sustainability. From tree to chair, a piece of sustainable wood furniture goes through a number of eco-friendly processes to get to you. For furniture to truly be “sustainable” it must be made of natural, environmentally friendly materials. It must also be processed in a way that does not do any harm to the surrounding environment.

Outside in Style carries only the finest redwood playsets from Woodplay. Their redwood is responsibly sourced from sustainable, managed forests, so they can keep making quality playsets for generations to come, while protecting the environment. Not only is redwood sustainable, but it naturally resists rot and decay and minimizes warping and cracking compared to other wood species.

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