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Furnish Your Backyard For A July 4th Party

Furnish Backyard With Outdoor Furniture 4th Of Jluy

There’s nothing worse than running out of seats during an outdoor party. You end up with guests holding plates in their laps as they perch on ledges, or holding plates as they stand around awkwardly playing a game of musical chairs. Some folks even resort to dragging their indoor chairs outside, or renting those metal folding chairs reminiscent of a high school cafeteria.

Investing in a few quality pieces of outdoor furniture can open up your backyard to a plethora of new seating ideas and ensure your guests are comfortable no matter where they choose to sit.

With so many different furniture options, it can feel overwhelming to work lots of seating into your outdoor space without crowding your whole yard. That’s why we recommend lounge seating to maintain a consistent design theme while allowing for the versatility of incorporating numerous seating options.

The Gloster Bloc Sectional is a modular piece that allows you to develop your own furniture configuration to fit any outdoor area. The pieces can be separated into individual seats and loveseats or used to set up conversation-encouraging designs.

The Lloyd Flanders Largo Day Bed is perfect for sprawling out with a good book or you can break it up into five pieces that provide plenty of casual seating for guests. The resulting benches are wide enough to seat guests comfortably back-to-back giving you more seats without shrinking your space.

If you’re looking for one ultra-stylish piece that delivers seating for up to ten while also offering protection from the sun, the Skyline Sparta Lounge is ideal.

Once you have your seating figured out, it’s time to decorate. Be sure and avoid cheap streams that can ruin your new furniture by bleeding color. Instead, try using red, white, and blue throw pillows and blankets to accessorize in style. Patriotic table cloths and centerpieces are a great way to fly America’s colors without coming off as tacky.

Celebrating freedom never looked so good!

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