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DIY Backyard Playground

Diy Treehouse

There are few things more fun for kids than playing outside. The fresh air, the sunshine, and their imagination all come together to provide hours of entertainment. But why just sit and watch when you could be making your backyard even better? There are dozens of ways to make your backyard more kid friendly and all most of them require is a little elbow grease and some imagination. We’ve put together a list of DIY projects that will up the ante on your backyard fun!

A treehouse has been the go to backyard project for generations. You may have even built one yourself as a kid, nailing scraps of whatever you could find to a tree and hoping it didn’t fall apart when someone stepped inside. Thankfully, nowadays the internet is full of free treehouse plans to help you build a safe and solid tree house for your kids.
If you’re not the handy type, there are hundreds of playsets you can purchase and have installed without lifting a finger.

Music Fence
Now we’re not talking about cellos and trumpets when we say music fence, we’re thinking about all the old pots and pans you have in the back of your cupboard just taking up space. In fact, all you need for this project is a fence panel and any object you can think of that makes a sound when you hit it. Then simply nail the objects to the fence and let the kids have at it!

Climbing Wall
Building a climbing wall may sound complicated, but it’s actually quite the opposite. All you need is a sheet of thicker plywood, climbing holds which you can purchase online or you can just use small pieces of 2×4 to make your own holds, lag screws, and some mats for safety. Then you can either attach it to a tree or build a triangle with a climbing wall on each side. Be sure to sketch your plan beforehand as this will keep you on track and allow you to get more creative before you start screwing it together.

Water Wall
A very simple and inexpensive project kids will enjoy this summer is a water wall. You just need a bunch of bottles or containers which you attach to a fence. Create a circuit for the water to follow and be creative.
All you need is a nearby water source, recycled plastic bottles, and a wall to attach it to. With the exacto knife, cut a hole in the side of the bottle. The hole will be large enough for you to fit your hand into it so that you can easily position and drill in the screws. Using the exacto knife, score an “X” on the side of a bottle and push a screw through the “X” from the inside. Repeat one more time so that you have two screws poking through the bottle. Screw the bottles to a fence or wall. Tilt them slightly downward to help the water pour through. You might have to shift the bottles around or cut the holes a bit more to make the water wall work properly. Add a bucket at the bottom to catch the water, which can then be added to plants or returned to the top of the water wall.

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