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Cool Pool Designs and Décor

Pool Design Ideas And Furniture

A swimming pool is the pinnacle of backyard bliss. It’s the center of family life, a place where everyone can come together and enjoy the water. But there’s more to a pool than just a water-filled space in the ground.

It’s vital to remember that a pool is just one part of the larger landscape. Therefore, it’s best to use a landscape architect to design the pool as well as the rest of the site at the same time. All too often a pool contractor is employed first to design the pool without an overall site plan. The result is that your pool and landscape do not complement one another, and you lose the opportunity to integrate options that provide more value for the same price.

Because pools are such an expensive proposition, it’s important to give a lot of time to design. You’ll only build it once, and therefore your choices of materials and detailing should be high quality and timeless, so your pool design won’t go out of style in the near future. Beware of fads. Question new materials before you invest. The rigors of weather and chemically treated water may have far reaching consequences for newer materials that have not stood the test of time and use.

Gone are the days of the traditional kidney-shaped pool, now it’s all about organic forms that flow with your landscape and complement your home. Water features that run through your landscape and pour into your pool are also a great way to develop your lands aesthetic beauty. Infinity or zero-edge pools add an open-space feel that can make smaller pools seem much larger. Incorporating a fire pit into your pool is a great way to get year-round use out of something that tends to be seasonal.

Black bottom pools have seen a surge in recent years. Swimming pools, of course, are always lovely and inviting, but if you’ve ever seen a dark bottom pool you’ll know that they have a little something extra, a deep and mysterious and enticing allure that other pools can’t touch. Who could have known that the color of the bottom of a pool could matter so much? But it does — one of those little details that make such a big difference. A pool with a floor and sides in black or navy or what have you is warmed more easily by the sun, but also, paradoxically, seems cooler and deeper, and its surface reflects the surrounding landscape, for a mysterious and mirror-like affect.

You can also have LED lighting installed in your pool allowing you to change the color whenever you want. They also last longer that standard pool lights and are less expensive to run.

The poolside furniture you choose should be inviting, relaxing, and look good next to your pool. Outside in Style has a phenomenal selection of gorgeous furniture that will complement any décor.
The Tucci Equinox Cabana is a beautiful way to add even more living space to your pool area.
If you’re looking for some unique shade options, the Skyline Sparta Lounge is sure to impress.
Instead of a traditional chaise lounge, these Ledge Lounger Chaise Lounges sit in the pool on your tanning ledge or Baja shelf. Want to add a splash of tropical color? The Amalfi living Phoenician is as comfortable as it is colorful.

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