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The Best Poolside Flora

Poolside Plants

A backyard pool in Texas is a thing of refreshing beauty. It’s like having an endless vacation mere steps away from your backdoor. Your kids learn to swim earlier and develop water skills that will be invaluable later in life, plus they’re only young once. And the memories you’ll create will last a life time. But, there is a downside to owning a pool, and no we’re not talking about home value or insurance or other major issues; we’re talking about having to clean leaves and debris out of the water every time you want to use it. It seems like one of the unavoidable pains that comes with pool ownership, but there are ways to reduce or even eliminate this nuisance.

When choosing plants and trees to landscape your pool with, there are some thing s you need to consider as the right foliage can really transform your pool area.

Some varieties are better suited for pools because of features like their colors and planting requirements and there are others that will have you skimming leaves out on an hourly basis.
Pools and the surrounding landscape should create a relaxing, luxurious space where you can relax and entertain. You need to use the right plants in your design to achieve that tropical feel and wow your family and guests.

Different types of flowers and foliage can be used to create a variety of looks, whether that’s a tropical oasis, southwest-inspired pool or modern retreat. The plants you chose should have one of the following traits: • Bring color • Create privacy • Add texture.

Some of the best flora to plant near your pool include:
Palm Trees
Citrus Trees
Banana Trees
False Cypress
Olive Trees (non-fruit bearing)
Palo Verde Trees

Bird of Paradise
Ornamental grasses
Yellow foxtail grass
Japanese forest grass
Feather grass
Blue fescue grass

And you’ll want to consider adding some plants that repel mosquitos like geraniums, citronella, lavender, and basil. Pools are mosquito magnets and they can ruin a good time in a matter of minutes, so plants are an excellent way to repel them naturally.

By mixing a few different types of plants and trees around your yard, you can create an awe-inspiring landscape that will entertain guests and make your pool feel like a little slice of paradise.

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