How To Store Your Outdoor Umbrella

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how to store your umbrella

How To Store Your Outdoor Umbrella

Investing in a high-quality umbrella is essential when furnishing your outdoor space. Spring and summers in Texas are great for enjoying time poolside in your backyard or sipping cocktails at your dining table. It’s also a time when families leave for vacation and enjoy time at exotic pools or other outdoor adventures. During these times, it’s great to cover up your outdoor furniture and store your umbrella. Here are some helpful tips for storing your umbrella and when to keep it closed.

The easiest and most helpful thing you can do to extend the life of your umbrella is to keep it closed when you are not using it. This will avoid any damage from unexpected strong winds at night or those unpredictable Texas rainstorms. If your umbrella came with a tie, don’t forget to wrap up and tie extra fabric from it.

If you are storing your umbrella indoors, it is best to make sure the umbrella is completely dry. You can dry it with a towel by wiping it down starting from the center and working your way to the edges. If you are closing it up and storing it outside, we recommend investing in a good umbrella cover. They are often made from vinyl, polyester or acrylic and come in different sizes. This extra layer of protection will really help to protect it while you are away on vacation or not using the umbrella often.

When storing your umbrella indoors, be sure to keep it upright or hang it. This will avoid any damage from someone stepping on it or damaging the center pole or ribs. We recommend using a cover even for indoor storage because it will provide extra protection from dust or debris. This will also save you time from cleaning it when you’re ready to use it!

At Outside in Style, are umbrellas are exceptionally stable, wind resistant and long lasting. They are made with features such as high-tension stainless steel cables and strong canopies. Our best recommendation for storage is to simply close it when it’s not in use. Indoor storage is recommended for winter or long periods of time when the umbrella is not in use.

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