National Eat Outside Day

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eating outside for National Eat Outside Day

National Eat Outside Day

It’s National Eat Outside Day! The last day of August is the perfect opportunity to take your breakfast, lunch, or dinner into the great outdoors and get some fresh air while you dine al-fresco.

Al-fresco dining first became popular in the 18th century. Patrons who enjoyed eating their meals in the open air could visit tea gardens, seashore resorts, or rooftop restaurants. Eating outside was considered a tourist activity up until the early 1900s. Around that time, the first sidewalk cafés appeared on the streets of Manhattan.

There’s just something about rounding up the family and herding them outside away from the TV and phones they’re usually glued to. It turns a meal into an event with very little planning on your part. Just set the table beforehand and then direct everyone outside. If you choose dinner as your outdoor meal, light some candles beforehand to add some ambience, and if you need to, mix in a couple of citronella candles to keep the mosquitos away.

Outside in Style has dozens of outdoor dining options for you to choose from. We’ve listed some of our favorites for you to check out before the big day!

Jensen Leisure Integra Dining Group
As part of the Jensen Leisure collection, this outdoor dining table set is renowned for its durability, tensile strength and resistance to termites and fungal attack. Sure to be a set that you can enjoy for years to come. The extension allows you to shrink or expand the table depending on how many guests you need to accommodate, making it perfect for families of all sizes.

OW Lee Cambria Dining
OW Lee’s Cambria Dining Group offers large scale patio dining that captures traditional interior room luxury and brings it outdoors for you to enjoy. The design is focused on a sense of refined elegance and appeal, while seating up to six comfortably. The set includes both stationary and motion-based seating options and showcase beautiful arched backs with intersecting lines on the back and arms for a unified aesthetic.

Gloster William Chair Dining
William is one of Gloster’s avant-garde style pieces that is ahead of its time by bringing new and experimental ideas to the forefront. The William dining armchair is designed to fit like second skin with its curved teak seat and back shaped like one continuous bowl. The slats are actually carved out of one piece of wood and not bent to avoid stretching the grain. Curves are repeated within the light, minimalist powder-coated stainless-steel frame. And where your hands will rest on the frame, warm teak will soften the touch.

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