Fire Pit Landscaping Ideas For Your Outdoor Oasis

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Fire Pit Landscaping Ideas For Your Outdoor Oasis

A fire pit is more than a place to gather with friends in the evening, it’s visual and social centerpiece that deserves your utmost attention.

It’s important to strategically plan the location for your fire pit. First, your fire pit should be at least ten feet from your house, and allow for about a six-foot diameter for guests to sit safely around the pit. If your home has a view, you may also want to consider placing the fire pit where the view can be enjoyed.

You’ll also want to take into consideration the fire pit’s orientation in respect to the wind. No one will be able to enjoy the inviting warmth of the heat if smoke and embers are blowing in their face, or if the wind is sending smoke towards an outdoor table. Alternatively, Outside in Style has several propane fire pits that don’t require wood at all. You just simply turn it on and enjoy it for as long as you wish, and then turn it off when you’re done with no safety worries and no mess to clean up.

Placing planters near your fire pit can bring a touch of color to the area. Keep them toward the outside edge of your perimeter, and use non-flammable containers, such as ceramic or metal. Stay away from plastic, which can melt, or wood. Choose short, annual plants that are less likely than woody shrubs to catch embers or light up in flames if an ember reaches them. Change the annuals out regularly to remove dying or dried-up plants that could become fire hazards.

Trees offer a beautiful, natural backdrop for fire pits, but don’t plant them close enough that their branches at full spread will fall within 10 feet of your fire pit. For example, if your new maple tree has an expected spread of 20 to 30 feet, plant it at least 25 feet away from your fire pit — from the trunk, half the spread heads toward the pit, making it 15 feet of branches that you don’t want near your pit. The embers tend to float up on the wind, and they can easily catch overhanging leaves and branches on fire. You can’t see the trees well when you use the fire pit the most — after dark — so stay safe by keeping tree canopies away from the pit.

For seating think deep-seating comfort, or rustic rockers to add to the campfire feel.

OW Lee Classico
If you are looking for durable construction and a reliable ignition system, this 54” round fire pit is the perfect centerpiece for you and your patio.

OW lee Monterra Sectional
For larger fire pits or one with plenty of space, the Monterra provides rustic luxury with deep seating and swivel or rocking chair options.

Homecrest Elements
The elegant simplicity of the Elements collection allows your guests to sink into blissful comfort while the fire pit stands out as the main attraction.

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