How To Dress Up Your Outdoor Living Space As Grand As Your Living Room

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outdoor living space with patio furniture

How To Dress Up Your Outdoor Living Space As Grand As Your Living Room

When creating your outdoor room, you want it to seamlessly flow into your indoors. If your outdoor furniture is not something you’d have in the house, then it defeats the purpose of having an outdoor room.

Quality outdoor furniture should be as beautiful as it is durable. Choosing outdoor furniture shouldn’t be based on which is the least or most expensive. Rather, one should look to which furniture sets combine the best balance of excellent construction and style. The difference between a wicker set that costs $300 and one that costs $1500 is that with the pricier version you’re getting a tighter weave, or resin weave, that won’t begin to unravel or rot after a year or two, and with aluminum frames variations in thickness indicate quality — the cheaper options being made with thinner frames, meaning less tensile strength, which you can tell by how light they are to pick up.

One of the best ways to ensure you’re investing in quality outdoor furniture is by choosing materials that are specifically made to hold up and endure in the elements. High performance, durable materials, such as wrought iron, powder-coated aluminum, all-weather wicker, and exotic woods like ipé wood or teak, have been proven to both resist weathering and serve as a sturdy foundation for high-quality outdoor furniture. Investing in high performance fabrics like Sunbrella, along with well-constructed cushions, will lengthen the life and appearance of your outdoor cushions and pillows.

There are tons of options for outdoor storage, modular seating, fire pits, growing and decorating, so whether it’s a small balcony or a sprawling backyard, there are many solutions to help host the perfect barbecue with your guests or grow your own garden for those with a green thumb.

Adding an outdoor kitchen is a great way to extend your homes living space to the outdoors. An outdoor kitchen has many benefits. It’s great for entertaining, increases the value of your home, saves on utility bills, keeps food odors outside, improves the taste of healthier foods, and saves you money on restaurant meals. There are a few design considerations you’ll need to give some thought to when designing your outdoor kitchen. Do you want a built-in or portable grill? How much countertop or prep-space will you need? How many built-in cabinets will let you remain outside? What kind of lightning will you want? Do you need a sink and a refrigerator? What kind of flooring do you want?

The key is to decorate your outdoor room the same way you’d decorate an indoor room. Think lamps, pictures, throw pillows, rugs, the works. The more it feels like an extension of your homes interior, the more you’ll be prone to use it.

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