Create A Garden Focal Point

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outdoor furniture as focal point with Gloster Grid

Create A Garden Focal Point

If your neighbor’s backyard shed with peeling paint and sagging roof is all you can see when you go outside, it’s time to shift your focus.

Learning how to use focal points in the garden is useful to draw the eye towards the area one wishes to emphasize; conversely, using focal point design may also aid in camouflaging those more unsightly areas.

Precisely because a focal point draws the eye, it’s important to carefully select what you’ll use and how you’ll use it when creating one.

Plants are a great option for creating a focal point, but they tend to blend into the garden surroundings. What does stand out are art pieces, statues, unique planters, and fountains or water features. Basically, anything manmade will pop in a garden setting.

But why just draw the eye when you can draw a crowd with gorgeous outdoor furniture?

One technique for enlivening an outdoor space is to create a focal point in the form of a fire pit, dining area, or lounge space. Symmetrical outdoor furniture arrangements create a formal living space while asymmetrical arrangements are a bit more quirky and have a much more lax, casual feel. Pick which one you intend on creating.

For a formal, yet exquisitely comfortable, arrangement, OW Lee’s Asbury collection provides for an intimate space for friends and family to gather.

Embrace your casual side with the Lloyd Flanders Contempo Sectional and let the fun steer the ship.

From formal to funky, the Gloster Grid Sectional provides you the option to arrange your space anyway you’d like.

You can also display one-of-a-kind accent pieces to show your personality and highlight a visual path to your focal point. Think unique hammocks or swings, umbrellas, or accent furniture.

No matter which furniture you choose to use or how you arrange it, outdoor throw pillows are a great, and subtle, way to draw focus where you want it. Bright colors, distinctive patterns, and exceptional fabrics will do wonders for your outdoor focal point.

The point is to showcase your outdoor space by showcasing your personal style. If you look out the kitchen window and are compelled to stop what you’re doing, grab a book and head outside – you’re probably doing it right.

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